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Thread: Dremel mini drills

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    Dremel mini drills

    Just wondering what do people
    recommend as regards mini drills
    for cutting and using very small
    drill bits?
    Dremel the answer?.

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    Hi Eamonn,i picked up a Dremel about 2 years ago.When it comes to cutting and filing/sanding I'd be lost without it.As for small drill bits i usually just use the cordless drill i have.

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    I use an Aldi/Lidl version which I find good. They're cheap and the included sanding disks, bits etc have done me for most stuff to do with model railways. You can get better quality accessories either or in addition if you need it.

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    Hi Eamonn

    A Dremel is a good solution, they are well made and worth the money, but for drilling less than 1mm- say .45mm one needs the mini drill in a drill press and Dremel's one is crap- I use one and have to remember when you pull down on the arm that drill goes off to one side and cannot drill straight!

    Proxxon is the best solution for drilling, they have a good range of very nice mini drills and some great accessories- drill press, x,y tables, vice and consumables...

    I have their Mill/drill stand unit BFB 2000 on my shopping list 158.00, it can also take a Dremel!- a bit pricey but I think I paid about €60 something for the Dremel stand and it.... well see above

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Name:  Dremel & Stand IMAG3221.jpg
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    I use this for general work, but for accurate stuff I use the Mill/Drill

    The stand is useful if you don't expect two much from it, it looks good has a nice gear n stuff but the body is plastic and it bends!

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    Name:  Proxxon BFB 2000  Stand IMAG3221.jpg
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    This and a Dremel, a Proxxon mini drill even better, and your on the way to a nice expandable bit of kit....

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Great stuff,Thanks.

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    I would rate the proxxon as well better then the dremel having had both. The Proxxon is smother and better made


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