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Thread: Gauge N CIE DART

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    Gauge N CIE DART

    Here are a few shots of a CIE DART 8100 Class 'Conversion', it will make its début at the Wexford Show this coming weekend. It will also be at the Stillorgan Show and the Train & Model Fair next month.

    Name:  CIE N DART-01 IMAG2850.jpg
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    Name:  CIE N DART-02 IMAG2849.jpg
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    Name:  CIE N DART-03 IMAG2853.jpg
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    Name:  CIE N DART-04 IMAG2848.jpg
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    Name:  CIE N DART-05 IMAG2847.jpg
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    Name:  CIE N DART-06 IMAG2845.jpg
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    Superb. They look really impressive especially considering they are N gauge. Well done Eoin.

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    My best work has been spread over many fields..

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    Beautiful work Owen.

    All together now, these are veeeeeeeery small and those are far away.....

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    The set is fantastic and really shows that N gauge can match any other scale for quality.

    You mention that it is a conversion what was the donor and was there much work to be done to make the changes.

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    I agree, N-gauge certainly has potential.

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    Hi MikeO

    It was some Japanese EMU, a lot of work done to the roof- removing central vents and filling holes, roof ribbing added, and DART vents added. Existing pantograph removed and two DART like ones added. Major mods to front ends- removing head codes, grills and filling, adding DART head code, window frames and bumpers. Then the painting and decals.....done!

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Thanks for that. I suspected it may be a lot of work. I think I will stick with my original plan to convert a class 350 to an 8500 series DART. from the photos I have seen so far there will not nearly be as much work although the ends will need reshaping. Your comments on the roof modifications will have to be investigated to see if something similar needs to be done to the class 350.



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