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Thread: Curved windscreens

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    Curved windscreens

    Iím currently building Railcars that have curved windscreens. I had a couple of unsuccessful goes at building these before I hit on this method.

    I cut the clear plastic longer that I needed and clamped it to the inside of a sweet tin. Then heat was applied using a hairdryer and it resulted in forming the correct shape.

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    I had left the protective film on the windscreen and it is wrongly showing up in the photo as if the plastic had melted.

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    The end result.

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    Excellent work.

    Back in the days of glass headlights, I made some Perspex stone shields by heating the sheet up under the grill.
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    Very nice Kirley, very nice.

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    Resourceful modelling

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    Excellent Kirley, great idea to know

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    What material are you using, and where are you getting it from? Haven't had much success with the hairdryer and my plastic, and have been using the oven instead to achieve hit and miss results.

    Missus not impressed, incidentally.

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    That's a good question Richie but it's one I find hard to answer. I have a box of both white and clear plastic which I have added to over the years from many suppliers. Unfortunately there is no identification marks on them but my best guess is Arcane who I have being dealing with for the past 4 years mainly as they usually provide a next day post free (UK) delivery. There's their Web Site;

    I should have added the sheets have a protective film on both side, one clear and the other frosted. To prevent the plastic warping I use a low heat on the 'borrowed' hairdryer but I forget to leave it back so she always discovers it's use.
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    Hi Guys

    That looks very like the material I use for Dart windows n other stuff- its vacuum forming plastic, perfect for this kind of thing where heat is involved thats what its designed for. Name = 'VIVAK' by Bayer and I get it from
    Vacuum forming is good fun....

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart


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