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Thread: Help - need small piece of paving

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    Help - need small piece of paving

    Can anyone help with a small piece of Wils paving approx 90mm x 50mm. I've run out completely and don't want to buy a full pack. The photo will show what I need. This is the only piece of platform left in the layout.Please.

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    PS. Does anyone know the internal sizes of the brick arches in Wills SS55 kit?

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    How about using a piece of plasticard and scribe the paving lines into it,
    Then paint it grey.

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    Often, the very ends of platforms were gravelled, and later tarmacked. This can still be seen at Cobh. Maybe a bit of cardboard with lightish grey grit as gravel? And weather this plus the tiled surface to match?
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    I'll hold out, if a bit doesn't turn up I may ask Peco if they have any samples.

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    You could shorten the platform to suit the material that you do have.

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    Its worked out fine, I need a pack to deck another small section of platform that I over-looked and this will be fine now. As for 'shortening a section of platform' I just wouldn't.

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    Tony let me check out my materials box, I "maybe" able to help you out with surplus that I might have. TDR
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    TDR, I managed to pick up a pack on eBay - less than the normal price. Thanks for your kind offer anyway.There is a small platform section within the good yard shed that needs modelled with platform and I would need it for this anyway.

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    Tony, hi there, i like the look of that platform kit, is it OO do you know wills part number?
    paddy mac


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