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Thread: 30 years of Iarnrod Eireann

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    30 years of Iarnrod Eireann

    On the 2nd February 1987 CIÉ was reorganised into a holding company and three operating companies called Iarnrod Eireann, Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann.

    To mark the occasion, the IE Twitter team did a behind the scenes of Iarnród Éireann for 24 hours (0500 - 0500), to get a glimpse of how the team of 3,800 people deliver your train service.

    From line inspection to stations, from train maintenance to signalling, through day and night, #24HRSinIE will give you a unique insight into the service and the people who provide it.

    The photos in this gallery feature my contributions from throughout the day.

    Use the hashtag #24HRSinIE on twitter to see all the posts from Iarnrod Eireann and many of their staff from throughout the day.

    Click to view.

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    Thanks Wanderer. Enjoyed that.

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    This implies there may be something to see in Connolly, if anybody is going past.
    My best work has been spread over many fields..

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    Yep it's in the Enterprise waiting room on Platform 2 and will be touring the country, with a month in each location (don't have the locations handy). Popped my head in there a couple of days ago and looked impressive enough (as much as a series of self standing poster boards can be!)


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