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Thread: Track bed + ballast experiments

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    I think you've nailed it with the fine granite Noel,looks great weathered too.Nice job.

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    Next two experiments.

    No 6 - 3mm closed cell foam track bed, woodland scenics medium buff ballast, gently weathered and rail sides sprayed with RailMatch sleeper grime.

    No 7 - Not happy with this (next two pics) - existing Peco form underlay augmented with Woodland scenics fine+medium buff ballast slightly weathered with railmatch sleeper grime. A bit of a mess and was difficult to keep ballast off the sleepers.

    I was leaning towards augmenting the existing Peco foam underlay as a compromise because of its incredible sound proofing, but have decided it has to go.

    A few more trials to do, but right now I am favouring the 3mm closed cell foam track bed as a replacement with woodland scenics medium buff ballast (which initially is too bright, but fine when weathered with sleeper grime). 3mm cork is still an option, but I have decided against both the 5mm track bed options (woodland scenics and javis cork) as they are just too high. Tried woodland scenics N-guage foam, but the closed cell foam Junctionmad has sourced (thanks btw) seems to have better sound proofing and is easier to cut with a knife, also seems to return to shape better when squashed.

    Other decision is that I'd prefer a warm brownish colour tint for the ballast rather than modern grey, which while more authentic seems a little less attractive visually in indoor lighting.
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