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Thread: Glover's workbench

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    The GSWR/GSR built similar 14' cattle wagons that lasted into the late 1950s the main spotting difference was the GSWR/GSR wagons had different end detail and nearly flat sheet steel or iron roofs.

    The final MGWR convertible wagons built after WW1 were a soft topped version of the Irish Standard covered wagon produced by Provincial wagons rather than the traditional 14' round roofed convertible wagon
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    If I was going there I would'nt be starting here.

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    I must say that I am delighted with the information which has been brought forward, especially by jhb and Mayner in responding to my scribblings. Thank you gentlemen.

    When Parkside released their kit for an LMS cattle van, I had a very close look at it. The fact that the diagonal bracing on the sides was a separate piece suggested that one problem would be eliminated. There was also the possibility of reducing the length by removing one panel either side of the door. This is the starting point (for once, I took a couple of photos while the project was in progress):Name:  image.jpg
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    This photo shows the major work required: remove one panel either side of the door and remodel the door itself.Name:  image.jpg
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    The floor/chassis also required shortening.Name:  image.jpg
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    The end result is as follows:Name:  image.jpg
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    I have slightly hidden the van on the right; somewhere along the way, I managed to get the wheelbase wrong! The bars over the upper body openings are a bit wonky: larger diameter wire the next time, I think.
    I have to say that this piece of kit bashing does show promise and, in the absence of a proper CIE KN, may be the only way forward.
    An excellent modeller of Scottish railways who goes by the name of Ben Alder on RMweb has modified a fleet of these. Obviously, less surgery is required but one idea he had was to use the internal partitions in some parts of his project.



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