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Thread: eBay Watch

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    Agreed there Bosko
    Would really look sweet with the RPSI coaches, something different to gape at,

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    Quote Originally Posted by BosKonay View Post
    Have just been outbidded on that one.

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    It's a real collectors items that one Joe - Joeuf collectors tend to pay a good bit for good condition bits.

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    MIR bogie cement, unmade, starting at 46 quid -

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    There's one on e-bay right now! Check the e-bay watch thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djkonore View Post
    There's one on e-bay right now! Check the e-bay watch thread.
    This is the eBay watch thread, Conor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishtrains2730 View Post
    past someones bedtime.

    Conor lives in the States its only evening there what will he be like come mid night


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