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Thread: J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

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    I'd like to model the two coach set that worked the Ballina branch during the late 70's / early 80's. Can anyone tell me if any of these overlays are suitable, or even closely resemble the prototypes?
    I believe that the brake standard 1904 and the 1429-1443 series laminate #1442 were fitted with storage heaters to work that branch. I'm open to correction especially on the latter in the 80s. If so, John's 1904-1908 etches would be correct for the former, and Irish Freight models does a reasonably correct version of the latter (when it's in season)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhb171achill View Post
    What sort of price, post included?
    Hi John,
    I would take one of each at a minimum. Will revert. Any pricing for multiples?
    Thanks, K
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    PM sent John

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    I will confirm costs once I am in a position to confirm quantities with the supplier.

    Coach sides were originally priced at $31.00 NZ with the exception of the BSGV at $53.00 NZ when introduced in 2015 and may be subject to currency variation between Stirling & the NZ$ as the engraver is in the UK. Prices do not include Irish or UK Vat or US State sales taxes as exports are exempt.

    I have cleared out the in box.

    If I was going there I would'nt be starting here.


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