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Thread: J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

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    Anyone know if these coaches ever made their way North? And same as Richrua, were they all Black and Tan or some green?

    Btw I'd love to say I'd get one but it'll be quite some time...
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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    Indeed they did, Nelson, on the "Enterprise". I have a colour slide somewhere of the CIE set about 1963, consisting of a brand newv 141 - straight out of the box and not even weathered yet - hauling a train of mixed laminates and ex-GNR stock, mostly still green but one or two in black'n'tan.

    There would have been a few green coaches still about until maybe 1965 / 6. Obviously, like any livery change, it was gradual, though CIE tended to look after coaches very well and therefore they were all repainted every 2-3 years.
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    Count me in for 1 x standard and 1 x brake standard.


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    superb work john. I have a client who wants to emulate the early eighties in Connolly and I think this is the way to go. Will pm you if its a runner, which it should be. :-) R..

    Edit - it'll be a mixed rake with park royals and wooden bodied stock, so I reckon 4 would be the potential order.

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    I would love to have the GSV please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayner View Post
    If there is sufficient interest I will look at doing a set of etched parts to complete a scale length model of these coaches on a similar principal to the tin van kits. A common underframe and ends fret could be shared between several types of coach, with separate roof fret or moulding

    SSM or Comet may be able to supply suitable castings which would reduce tooling costs and speed up introduction.

    This could be a runner. I've some preliminary work done on this. Will email you on this

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    There seems to be enough interest to go ahead with sides for the 3 types of coach.

    The BGSV has fired up a lot of interest, has anyone a photo or sketch of the generator/boiler roof hatches and exhaust detail?

    What is the general feeling around a complete coach kit on a similar principal to my Tin Vans or the SSM Bredins Vs plastic surgery and overlays to the Dapol body shells?

    The coaches could be designed to run on Bachmann or Hornby rtr LMS bogies similar to the GSR type with brass fold up bogies as an option for 21mm gauge.

    If I was going there I would'nt be starting here.

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    I'll go for the Dapol option please for both.

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    I would go for the Dapol option

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    Yes, I'd be keen to try the etched sides as well.



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