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Thread: Greystones Model Railway Layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broithe View Post
    Excellent job - ideal to reduce light pollution, with the Perseid meteor shower due in a fortnight.
    Hi Broithe

    Exactly, I do a bit of astronomy and thats why I was so concerned and went to the trouble....

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    The landscapers were in on Friday morning to do a bit of tree planting, drink coffee, and eat cake...

    Name:  GS-180 IMAG3223.jpg
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    Name:  GS-181 IMAG3224.jpg
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    Name:  GS-182 IMAG3225.jpg
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    Name:  GS-184 IMAG3227.jpg
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    Everything going fine but we do need a bit of undergrowth between those trees at the bridge to hide the backscene. Then the DART came up from Wicklow and the lads scarpered for lunch.....
    Name:  GS-183 IMAG3230.jpg
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    Name:  GS-185 IMAG3234.jpg
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    Oh yes! the specialist was in to do the under-board curtain which is under fabrication and should be erected very soon

    Eoin & CM - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Looking great. Lovely atmosphere you have created,well done.

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    Pure class. It really gives a sense of Greystones

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    I love the rails incorporated into concrete yard. Beautiful job. Well done!

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    Hi & thanks all for the comments

    Here are a few shots CM took on Friday after a few more trees were installed...

    Name:  GS-186 01.jpg
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    Name:  GS-188 03.jpg
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    Name:  GS-187 02.jpg
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    Name:  GS-191 06.jpg
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    Name:  GS-192 07.jpg
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    Name:  GS-193 08.jpg
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    CM & Eoin
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    Stunningly well composed photo scenes from superb layout.

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    Really taking shape now Eoin,fantastic looking all over but the yard still stands out for me.Great work

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    Comments much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Super job.

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