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Thread: LIMA Murphy Models

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    Thanks Rich, I put it on the track and took the pictures

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    Awesome. What a beast.

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    Superb modellers in that club, thanks for posting Dave.

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    Picked this up yesterday at the Stillorgan gig
    I had never seen one before
    Rumour has it that Dart Station of this parish was seen running to the boot of his car with a very similarly shaped item
    His co conspirators at the show said that they had not seen him running since the 141's came out. Nearly 10 years ago people!

    Not sure how the sets would have been shown with this sign?

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    This is a great thread I just read it from the start. i missed out on all these great sets and models. My first introduction to model railways was a small Hornby English goods set bought very second-hand at a school sale of work. I still have it and still love it. I painted the little engine green to try make it look Irish when I was kid Thanks for the all the photos on here Wreneire they are a delight to see and an inspiration. There must be a case for some re-releases among all these Irish items. Which models would you like to see available again???

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    As a collector I really dont want to see anything available again
    For me its all about the chase, someone telling me that their father had something Irish back in the day and then taking it from there
    There are still a few bits that I am searching for and the hunt for them is what I am into
    There would be no joy for me if I could just drop down to Marks and buy them over the counter
    Not answering your question I know but thats where I gets me jollies.

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    Bit of work done on the 800's
    Still waiting for some parts to finish the models

    Dont know where Macha went to?

    Another one finished

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    Very impressive models indeed, Dave
    "Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea"


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