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  1. Lima a class 215 running rough

    HELLO ALL,has any one ever attempted to recondition a lima motor ,any advise please
  2. lima 215 rebuild

    hi all,,,,,is it possible to rebuild a lima a class motor i running crap
    ,,has anyone tried it

    please any help out there
  3. choice of controller

    Hi, I have 300 euro to spend on a controller . I have a choice between the Hornby Elite and the Bachmann Dynamis. I have about ten locos. I would only run about two or three at a time. I would like to change the cv on some. I have read good and bad advice on both. Any advice on which one I should choose.


  4. Modern Train Layouts!

    Hi Folks!

    I have just opened my modern train layout webshop. I would appriciate if You just had a look and if You like something or You have questions let me know
    We sell: scenic materials, card and plastic kits, paints, trees, digital accessoires, tools, N, 00 scale.

    my email is address:


    Thank You!
  5. Cultra

    Haven't done a blog for a while, but decided the trip to Cultra was worth it. Have been looking forward to it since I first got the invite over a year ago, though at times I will admit to questioning my own sanity! Nearly 1000 miles of driving, two ferry rides and four nights away - for just a one day show - certainly make you wonder. Equally, it is a chance to bring a properly broad gauge layout to its spiritual homeland, while the chance to exhibit in the truly wonderful venue that is Cultra all ...
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