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  1. choice of controller

    Hi, I have 300 euro to spend on a controller . I have a choice between the Hornby Elite and the Bachmann Dynamis. I have about ten locos. I would only run about two or three at a time. I would like to change the cv on some. I have read good and bad advice on both. Any advice on which one I should choose.


  2. Modern Train Layouts!

    Hi Folks!

    I have just opened my modern train layout webshop. I would appriciate if You just had a look and if You like something or You have questions let me know
    We sell: scenic materials, card and plastic kits, paints, trees, digital accessoires, tools, N, 00 scale.

    my email is address:


    Thank You!
  3. Cultra

    Haven't done a blog for a while, but decided the trip to Cultra was worth it. Have been looking forward to it since I first got the invite over a year ago, though at times I will admit to questioning my own sanity! Nearly 1000 miles of driving, two ferry rides and four nights away - for just a one day show - certainly make you wonder. Equally, it is a chance to bring a properly broad gauge layout to its spiritual homeland, while the chance to exhibit in the truly wonderful venue that is Cultra all ...
  4. Dublin Bus

    I am presently building a ride on toy bus for my infant grandson and wish to paint it in the current Dublin Bus colours of Yellow, and both shades of Blue. I am looking for any information or advice out there on where to locate the precise shades of the three colours, and also any information regarding the best method to obtain the best paint finish. The material I'm using is almost all 10mm, 3/8" plywood.

    Thank you in anticipation!
  5. An interesting weekend

    I had a very interesting weekend well Saturday anyway touring layouts at an informal American Railroaders convention in Auckland. We visited four layouts including our hosts N gauge. The Holidayers Nov Dec 2002 127.jpg This layout has been in existence for about 20 years located in a garden shed. The Holidayers Nov Dec 2002 130.jpg

    Second: A double and treble deck GNR layout in a converted double garage. IMG_4477 (2).jpg In the early stages of development set at the eastern end of ...
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