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Mike 84C

  1. 850 Nearly there!

    A couple of pictures of my progress, I think I am reasonably happy with my progress but how far to take it! when does one say enough! The chimney does not really please me and the camera has shown a few flaws, the gap above the cylinders is the main offender.
    First time I have used my Iwatta airbrush,far to expensive but what a lovely tool to use.
    Credit has to go to Weshty for the buffer beam decals they really are very good.And Narrow Planet for the etched No; plates which are ...
  2. Progress! Nearly off the work bench.

    Still in primer, but I think I shall keep it in grey. Had to paint the smokebox, wish I hadn't! But I needed to know what it would look like. Details next :-) but I don't think I shall take it much further, apart from DCC.DSCN0830.jpg,DSCN0831.jpg,DSCN0832.jpg,DSCN0833.jpg,DSCN0834.jpg
  3. Whats on the work bench

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